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    The Benefits of LED Over Traditional Neon Signs

    The benefits of LED over Traditional  Neon Signs

    Do you ever confuse Neon and LED signs? This article will help you understand the difference between LED and neon; you can easily decide which one to choose. Traditional Neon signs were introduced in the 20th century and became famous. But as the world evolved in different aspects, the neon industry adopted some modern techniques and converted traditional neon signs into LED signs.


    The fundamental difference between traditional Neon signs and LED

    Let’s understand the primary structural difference between both types of signs.

    Neon is made up of glass tubes that contain neon gas. When these tubes get energy from the power supply (electricity), they produce light.

    LED signs are evolved neons. They are not made up of glass tubes; instead, they use light-emitting diodes.

    LED signs are considered better than neons in many aspects. Let’s discuss some important parameters that stand LED before neon signs.


    LED Signs Are more Safer

    Glass tubes with neon gas can be quickly heated up and breakable, while diodes in LED signs are resistant to heat and breakage. We can say that LEDs are safer than Neon because they do not contain any gas.


    Price Comparison

    The signs that are made up of Neon are expensive due to the material used in them, while LED signs are available at very affordable prices.


    Power usage

    Neon tubes use more power, while LED signs are workable with significantly less power supply consumption. So LED signs are suitable for business owners and the home interior because they keep your electricity bill very low.


    Maintenance Issues

    Neons require more maintenance due to their structural fragments. They are not resistant to extreme weather conditions such as heat, snow, Strom, etc. So after the episode of extreme weather conditions, you need to maintain these signs. But LEDs are heat resistant and weatherproof, so fewer maintenance issues exist.


    LED have more Life Span

    LED signs have more life spans. After observations, it has been concluded that they can stay for about 7-8 years without any need to repair. So if you install LED signs, there will be no cost for rehabilitation, and your one-time investment will lead you to 8 years of investment purpose.


    Visibility Comparison

    LED signs are more visible. Suppose you compare a LED and a NEON sign in an environment where fog is a dominant weather factor, then there will be a clear point of light that you can detect from miles. This is the power of LED, while neons can not be seen and become fade in foggy environments.


    Weight And Placement

    LEDs are very lightweight and easy to handle, so you can easily install them by yourself, while Neon is heavier, and it isn't easy to place them yourself. If you want to put neons in higher places, you need labor to place them.


    Versatility Comparison

    LED signs offer more versatility in colors, lights, shapes, and fonts. Diodes can be easily bent in any form. So LEDs are more attractive due to the variation in their states and styles.



    Neon signs are glass tubes with different colors, which means different alphabets in a tube. LEDs are diodes, cut and bent into the alphabet of every word. So, the difference is clear LEDs are easily readable.


    LEDs are more Environment Friendly

    Neon signs are full of fluorescent gases like argon, mercury, etc., that are harmful to the environment, and LEDs have no such gases. Moreover, they emit minimal heat, which makes your environment unaffected, and this factor is more considerable in warm areas.


    Recycling of LEDs and Neon Lights

    Recycling anything determines its impact on the human environment, and those things that are easily recyclable are considered best to use.

    LEDs are easily recyclable, so they are much better to use than neons.


    LEDs or Neons: Which is Best to Choose

    After reading the above content, it is clear that LEDs are far better than neons. You can get a led sign at an affordable price, hang it without any labor and no environmental toxicity, and be more visible, attractive, versatile, and weather resistant.

    So, while ordering neons, always distinguish between LED and neon. Always discuss the provider with your requirements, and they will guide you better.


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