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    Best Custom Neon Signs to Purchase for A Kids Party

    neon signs for kids party

    If you are planning a kids’ party and hunting for approaches to make it fun, unique, and unforgettable, consider custom and personalized neon signs.

    Neon signs are a splendid choice for party decoration. They are effective in adding style and creativity to the event. Their bright colors, soft glow, and customizable options develop an amusing and exciting atmosphere that kids love.

    In this article, we will explore the benefits of using neon signs at a kid's party and the best neon signs to consider for the event. You will also learn the factors to consider when purchasing and choosing custom neon signs.

    So, whether you are planning a birthday, baby shower, or any other celebration for your kid, neon signs will help you make it a day to remember.

    Let’s dive in and discover the best custom neon signs to purchase for a kids’ party!


    Benefits of Using Neon Signs for a Kids' Party

    Neon signs are a popular choice for kids’ party decorations. Adults are always keen to incorporate them into their kid’s parties for their multiple benefits.

    Neon signs are known for their bright and vivid colors. It is studied that kids are more attracted to bright colors like red, yellow, green, blue, and pink. These colors develop a sense of energy and playfulness within kids. Therefore, neon signs act as great tools to cherish kids at parties.

    Furthermore, neon signs can be customized with designs dedicated to kids’ parties. These designs can range from classic shapes like stars and hearts to unique shapes like unicorns and superheroes.

    This makes neon signs eye-catching and unique for kids. According to the research published in the Journal of Moral Education, incorporating kids’ superheroes in their activities improves their learning process and engagement. This explains why kids feel gratified and excited looking at superhero neon signs.

    One of the best elements of neon signs is that personalizing them upsurges their emotional effectiveness. They can be personalized using messages, names, or images. This makes them memorable for guests and kids by creating a lasting impression.


    Factors to Consider When Choosing a Custom Neon Sign

    When choosing a custom neon sign for a kids’ party, ensure to consider a few factors.

    The size of the neon sign must be appropriate to the space it will be placed. The sign should not be overwhelming or too small to be visible. Neon signs are best when they are easy to read and understand.

    Moreover, choose the design that aligns with the theme of the party and the interests of the kid the party is being organized for. This will ensure that the party is appealing to the kids and the neon sign remains personalized.

    The color scheme of neon signs has huge significance to make them seem captivating. It is found that colors like blue, red, green, yellow, and purple are enticing to kids. They provoke different psychological, emotional, and brain activities within children.

    Hence, choose colors that complement the party and stand out against the background.

    Nevertheless, the focal point of the neon sign must be the message it intends to convey. It could be the kid’s name, interests, passion, or a quote that inspires the kid.

    Custom neon signs are like an investment. They can be used beyond the party and could be a meaningful addition to the kid’s room or play area. Thus, it is important to choose one that can be used in an evergreen context.

    By considering these factors, you can choose the perfect neon sign that will make your kid’s party more special and memorable.


    Best Custom Neon Signs for a Kids' Party

    Choosing the right neon signs that match your child’s interests could be daunting. However, we have put together a few top custom neon signs to make things easier for you. Best neon signs to purchase for a kids' party:

    1. Personalized Name Neon Signs: The use of the kid’s name or initials in the neon sign is an outstanding way to add meaning and emotional context to the signs. They can also be placed in the room of the child due to their evergreen context.
    2. LED Unicorn Neon Signs: They are usually a popular choice for kids’ parties. Their bright colors and colorful design are excellent in capturing attention at a party. The unicorn theme also acts as a perfect magical and enchanting tool to excite kids.
    3. Customizable Cartoon Character Neon Sign: It is a fun strategy to add personality to the kids’ party while ensuring it immediately attains kids’ attention. The character neon sign also perfectly rhymes in the kid’s play area.
    4. Ice Cream Cone Neon Sign: Kids love ice creams. These neon signs are a sweet and colorful addition to the party. They are capable of brightening the mood of the party, both for the guests and the kids.
    5. LED Star Neon Signs: They have been a classic choice for kids’ parties for the longest time. Their bold design adds a fun and festive touch to the event and goes perfectly with birthday parties.

    These custom neon signs are proficient to paint a distinctive and memorable touch to kids’ parties. Each sign is evergreen and can be used for years to come. Additionally, inculcating a personalized nudge to the neon signs successfully makes them memorable with the ability to display your affection for your loved ones.



    Custom and personalized neon signs are an impressive way to make your kid’s party more special and meaningful. They successfully add colors, amusement, festive, and memorable ambiance to the party.

    When selecting a custom neon sign, ensure to consider factors like size, design, color, and message. The neon sign should properly align with the theme and style of the kids’ party.

    NeonFever offers a wide selection of custom and personalized neon signs for kids’ parties. Browse our website today and find the perfect neon sign for your child's special day. We guarantee that our neon signs will make the party more fun, festive, and memorable!

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