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    How to Set Up Your Custom Neon Sign with Neon Fever

    Custom neon signs are long revered to captivate attention and create an inviting atmosphere. They are used to add a touch of ambiance to your living space, make a statement in your business, or create a gift.

    At Neon Fever, we understand the importance of personalization and self-expression. We offer tools and options to design custom neon signs that reflect your individuality or resonate with your intended audience. Our user-friendly website and intuitive design tools deliver the freedom to explore various fonts, colors, and layouts. This helps create a truly bespoke neon sign masterpiece.

    In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the process of setting up your custom neon sign with Neon Fever. You will gain the knowledge and confidence to bring your unique vision to life.

    Our goal is to provide you with a stress-free experience from start to finish. Thus, we have streamlined our ordering process, providing clear instructions and transparent pricing.

    So, let Neon Fever turn your vision into a dazzling reality.


    Choosing the Perfect Custom Neon Sign

    Custom neon signs are designed to represent your unique style and message. Your custom neon sign should be a reflection of your personality, brand, or the ambiance you want to create.

    You must deliberate cautiously to describe its purpose and theme. This will aid in determining the colors, fonts, and symbols that resonate with you or align with your brand identity.

    Remember, your custom neon sign is more than just a decorative piece. It is an expression of your style, a representation of your brand, or a personal touch that sets your space apart. Therefore, choose the perfect neon sign design by selecting the appropriate theme, design, and elements.


    Text-Based Custom Neon Sign

    Neon Fever understands that each customer is unique.

    We offer a wide range of customization options. Our user-friendly website provides intuitive design tools that allow you to experiment with various fonts, colors, sizes, and layouts. You can play around with different combinations.

    Our website offers various striking features to assist your test-based neon sign design:

    1. Real-Time Design Display: Our custom neon sign tool allows you to watch real-time changes to your design. This helps bring your creativity and imagination to life.
    2. Toggle Day Night Mode: You can switch between day mode and night mode to visualize your neon signs in both scenarios. This enables you to picture your custom neon sign on your room wall day and night.
    3. Switch Neon Sign On/Off: Using our designing tool, you can virtually switch your custom neon sign on and off. It helps you picture how your custom neon sign will look when switched on or switched off.
    4. Real-Time Price Calculation: As you will continue to design your text-based neon sign, it will update the price of your order. It will depend on your text length, size, font, and other factors.

    Now, that you have understood the features of our designing tool, you can begin designing your custom neon sign.

    Step 1: Write the text that you wish to be displayed on your neon sign.

    Step 2: Choose your favorite font from the list of alluring fonts available. Then, select whether you prefer the text to be aligned to the left, center, or right. 


    Step 3: Choose the color that best aligns with your neon sign design and theme. We have a wide assortment of color palettes available, alongside remote-controlled RGB color. 

    Step 4: Now, choose the appropriate size for your neon sign. We also offer the option to select a custom size that best resonates with your preference.


    Step 5: Neon Fever offers multiple background and cutout styles for your neon signs. You can click on the “Example” icon to picture how your neon sign will look with different options. Your custom neon sign can be cut to shape, whole board, cut to the letter, or a box stand.

    Step 6: Select if you wish to include a remote control for your neon sign. This will include features like brightness dimming, blinking effect, and fade effect.

    Step 7: Select whether your sign will be placed indoors or outdoors. This will determine the material and safety features to be included in your neon sign.

    Step 8: Click on “Create Sign” and place the order for your custom neon sign.


    Image-Based Custom Neon Sign

    The text-based neon sign customization might not fulfill your personal or brand requirements. For instance, it does not facilitate incorporating images and symbols in your design. Moreover, some customers feel restricted by the available option and prefer sharing their custom designs.

    Neon Fever replicates these designs to produce neon signs that closely reflect your imagination and goals. You can capitalize this option by clicking on “Submit Custom Design”.

    This will take you to fill out a simple and engaging form to submit your custom design. Neon Fever will share the customized quotation that best translates your design and preferences.

    Now, fill out the image-based neon sign form by following the guidelines:

    Step 1: Write your details including your name, email address, and phone number. This will facilitate facile communication and order placement.

    Step 2: Select the color from the list that best aligns with the theme of your establishment and preference.

    Step 3: Choose the appropriate size from the drop-down list.

    Step 4: Choose the background and cutout style that matches your requirements. You have the option to choose cut to shape, whole board, and cut to the letter. You can check how these options will affect your neon sign by visiting the text-based neon sign options.

    Step 5: Upload your custom design for Neon Fever to asses and replicate. You can upload it in any acceptable file format.

    Step 6: Write the description of your design for Neon Fever to better understand your custom neon sign. You can also include notes or additional details for us to consider when producing your custom neon sign.

    Step 7: Submit your custom design for processing and order placement.



    With Neon Fever, you are investing in a captivating art form that will illuminate your space and captivate the attention of all who see it. By following the steps and guidelines outlined in this article, you can get fascinating custom neon signs.

    Visit our website at and embark on your neon sign journey today. Experience the artistry, craftsmanship, and personalization that Neon Fever brings to the world of custom neon signs.

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