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    Neon LEDs Installation: What You Need to Know?

    Neon LEDs Installation: What You Need to Know? - Neon Fever

    Are you looking for help regarding Neon LEDs installation? No worries. We have a complete guide for you in this article, which can enable you to install your neon LEDs yourself.

    Neon signs are heavier and require extra care for installation, but the procedure and accessories required for neon and LEDs are the same.

    Let’s discuss the installation process for these signs in detail.

    What to Know Before Installation?

    There are some tips to keep in mind before installing these signs.

    • Before installing, you must properly plan the signs' location, size, and design. If you have a sign in a vertical position, choose a wall where the vertical placement of these signs looks beautiful. The location you choose can enhance the beauty of your neon signs.
    • Make sure that the power supply is off at the time of installation.
    • Wear gloves or sunglasses before installation.
    • The electrical wiring you use for the power supply should be safe and secure.
    • Mounting hardware should be according to the size and surface of the installation.
    • Complete all the accessories, so you don't need to leave the installation process between your work.

    Accessories List to Check Before Installation

    Prepare a list of accessories and cross-check them before installation. The following accessories are necessary to complete the procedure.

    • You must have a start and end cap for your LED signs.
    • A heat-resistant tube is an important accessory to keep with yourself if you are installing your LED sign outside because it will help to protect your signs from extreme weather conditions.
    • A 12v or 24 is required to lighten the Neon signs. Sometimes these supply is provided within the signs. But if your sign does not have a built-in power supply, you must purchase a cable and a power supply of the mentioned volt.
    • Some tools, e.g., scissors, wire scrappers, hooks, pins, and screws, are required for installation.

    Process of Installation

    The detailed process for the installation of neon and  LEDS is given below.

    Cutting in required size

    If your neon sign is different from the size that you want or not according to the proper size of the surface where you want to hang, then the first and foremost step is to cut your neon sign to the desired size. Use sharp scissors to cut, and wear gloves to protect your hands from damage. Usually, there are a series of horizontal dashed lines at the back sides of the flexes. This is how to cut and manage it according to your desired size.

    Mounting Hardware

    The next step is to mount the hardware on the surface. Mounting hardware should be according to the surface. If you hang these signs on a brick wall or ceiling, mounting hardware should be solids to support the neon and LEDs signs.

    Install Protecting tubes on Neon LEDs signs

    Many weather-resistant tubes are available in the market that can increase your signs' life span and save you from repair expenditures. Install these tubes on your neon signs before placing them on the surface. These tubes are very useful for the signs that are placed outside. Do not skip these tubes because you are planning to place your neon LEDs signs inside because they can also prevent moisture and heat breakage.

    Connect Power Pin with Power Cord

    Cut the wire, and locate the two ends of the exposed wire. Connect the power pin with the exposed wires and push it. After completion, connect the power pin with the power cord end with an opposite charge to generate the power necessary to lighten the neon and LEDs. Before installing neon signs on mounting power, switch on the supply and recheck if the wires, electricity connections, and placements are right and the supply is on and producing current to light your neon signs.

    Install Neon LEDs

    The final step is to install your signs on the mounting power. Use a pin to hang it on the mounting power. This is workable if you have to fix a solid mounting power with the drill in the wall that has enough support for the neon sign. If you are directly placing a neon sign on the wall, use a drill to make a hole, screws, and pins to fix the neon sign and give a power supply from an external resource.

    Neon Fever Advice: When to Hire a professional?

    If you think you can not follow these guidelines with safety measures, then we advise you to hire a professional for this work. The following points need specific attention

    • Wire connection and power supply. If you are not an expert, do this with someone and hire a professional.
    • Neon signs contain neon gas in a glass tube. On breakage, it can cause harm to you and your surroundings.
    • Mounting hardware is also a very careful process because it is the basic support for your signs.


    Above mentioned tasks should be performed in a very careful manner by following the terms and conditions. If you cannot do this, do not hesitate to hire a professional.


    These installation guidelines are from our experts and professionals. If you like, please share our website with your social circle and order your neon LEDs signs from us.


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