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    The Most Iconic Neon Signs in Montreal

    Most Iconic Neon Signs in Montreal

    Neon signs are used as an integral part of the Montreal landscape for decades. These works of art have become synonymous with the city’s culture and nightlife, ranging from bars and shops to restaurants.

    Besides being used as decorative props, neon signs are used to reflect Montreal’s identity and as a promotional tool for businesses.

    In this article, we will explore the most iconic neon signs of Montreal, from classic landmarks to modern favorites. We will delve into how neon signs can be used to display the unique features of Montreal.

    Moreover, we will guide you on how you can get customized or personalized neon signs to add a Montreal touch to your home or business. It will enable your guests or visitors to learn about the city’s neon landscape and discover its beauty.


    Most Iconic Neon Signs in Montreal

    Montreal Canadiens Neon Sign

    The Montreal Canadiens sign, located outside the Bell Centre, is one of the most recognizable landmarks in the city. It was first installed in 1952. Today, it stands as a state-of-art LED display that changes colors and animations.

    It is a representation of the hockey team that successfully won 24 Stanley Cup championships. It has become a symbol of the team’s pride and passion.

    If you are a Montreal Canadiens fan, you can get a custom neon sign to show your support for the team. This will enable you to bring a piece of Montreal’s hockey culture into your home or business.


    Schwartz's Deli Neon Sign

    Schwartz’s Deli is a restaurant, located in Mile End, that serves mouth-watering smoked meat sandwiches. It was founded in 1928 and the sign was first installed in the 1950s. The neon sign has bright red neon with a striking contrast to the deli’s white and black façade.

    The neon sign features the iconic "Schwartz's Hebrew Delicatessen" logo. It has become the symbol of Montreal’s culinary heritage, authenticity, and tradition.

    You can install Schwartz’s Deli’s neon sign in your space to pay homage to Montreal’s culinary heritage. In addition, you can get a personalized neon sign that revolves around the same message and tradition. This will add a touch of nostalgia and charm to your home or food business.


    Farine Five Roses Neon Sign

    The Farine Five Roses neon sign is located in Old Port, Montreal. It is a towering tribute to Montreal’s industrial past.

    The neon sign features the iconic “Farine Five Roses” logo in bright red neon. It was first installed in 1948 and symbolizes the city’s flour milling industry. Today, the sign stands at an impressive 47 feet tall and features over 1000 feet of neon tubing.

    You can install the Farine Five Roses neon sign in your space to celebrate Montreal’s industrial heritage. Custom neon signs can be designed as well using Farine Five Roses sign as an inspiration for your business. It will also act as a great marketing gimmick.


    Montreal Biosphere Neon Sign

    The Montreal Biosphere is a unique museum dedicated to environmental education and sustainability, located on Satin Helen’s Island. The museum’s iconic dome features custom neon signs. It has become a recognizable landmark in the city’s skyline.

    The neon sign’s bright green neon, in contrast to the dome’s white exterior, features the museum’s logo and name. The sign promotes environmental awareness and the museum’s mission.

    If you are passionate about environmentalism and sustainability, you can get your very own custom Montreal Biosphere sign. Furthermore, you can even get a neon sign with a similar color scheme to showcase your commitment to environmental awareness and sustainability.


    Gibeau Orange Julep Neon Sign

    The Gibeau Orange Julep is a roadside attraction restaurant in the Côte-des-Neiges neighborhood. The restaurant's iconic orange sphere features a custom neon sign. It stands 40 feet tall and displays the restaurant’s name and logo.

    The Gibeau Orange Julep has become a beloved fixture of the city's landscape. It also serves as an effective promotional strategy for the business due to its unique and customized design.

    As a business owner, you can get a custom neon sign that directly communicates your business message and vision. This will enable you to upsell and become a popular brand. Similarly, you can a personalized neon sign that defines your style and passion.


    Custom and Personalized Neon Signs

    You can effectively add a personal touch to your décor or promote your business using custom and personalized neon signs.

    They can be customized to reflect your unique style or brand identity. This enables you to stand out and capture the attention of your guests or visitors. Custom neon signs provide the flexibility to choose the font, color scheme, design, and message that fits your specifications.

    Neon signs have the versatility to be designed to align with the environment of your space. These are also durable and can last for years while consuming minimal power and energy.

    Personalized neon signs can be made to feature names, initials, interests, or messages. For example, you can get neon signs for a wedding with the names of the couple. Such personalized neon signs act as a great gift for your loved ones.

    Furthermore, businesses get customized neon signs as an advertisement tool. They help attract new clients and achieve leverage over competitors.

    Besides, you can neon signs featuring motivational quotes and messages. By installing them in your room, they become a positive source of inspiration throughout your day.

    With the ability to choose your design, size, and type of neon tubing, the possibilities are endless.


    Montreal is home to one of the most iconic neon signs, where each sign tells a unique story. They are not just a form of advertising but also a way to express creativity and artistry. Neon signs have become a symbol of Montreal’s vibrant culture and history.

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